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Cabin Packing List

IMG_3479For most people, a weekend at a secluded cabin with friends sounds idyllic. Relaxing. For those of us with food issues, it requires careful advance planning. Without thinking ahead, it’s a recipe (get it?) for anxiety.

Four days of breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners. All free from wheat, cow’s milk, eggs, and cane sugar. The plan was for each couple/team to make one night’s meals. Since I wasn’t sure what people were making, I brought enough to make my own meals all the nights if needed.

Here’s what I packed:


A modified version of this granola

Qia cereal

Milkademia milk



Hempler’s Honey ham

Teff wraps


Sheep yogurt

Spring rolls

Dinner-emergency back up

POW Lentil pasta

Spaghetti sauce with no added sugar

Soy Parmesan

Salad fixins’

Dinner-our night’s menu

The summer halibut recipe- super easy to prepare the components ahead of time, and looks fancy for a group :). There was enough left for awesome fish tacos at lunch the next day.

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