For much of my life, I have managed unexplained stomach upset, gobbed concealer over dark under-eye circles, and wondered when I would stop breaking out (isn’t 35 old enough?). Ice cream was my dessert of choice, and a good aged cheese topped my snack list. My body finally and suddenly went on strike in November of 2009 – there was no denying that something was wrong.

Fortunately, two friends had been through the medical maze. Each counseled me to forgo allergy testing through my M.D. and see a naturopath (N.D.). A strong subscriber to “better safe than sorry”, I went to my regular doctor only to be told nothing appeared to be wrong. The next step would be an expensive GI specialist.  Instead, I tried the naturopath after all.

The blood test results confirmed my suspicions – cow dairy products are not my friends.  Wheat and eggs were positive to a lesser degree. What happened next? Tears. I LOVE crusty bread. And quiche. And mmmm….pizza. Then: a very expensive pantry purge/ food replacement process followed by aggressive food hoarding. Poor husband.  How was he to know those chocolate chips were $5.50 a bag and the only sweet thing in the house I could safely eat?

Now I’m looking for a way for the growing community of food sensitive people to share our successes and celebrate feeling great!

There’s always fine print at the end: my food issues are related to intolerances – NOT life-threatening allergies or GI conditions. Each person is unique, just like our gut flora. My experience is my own, and I’m not recommending you follow the same path.  Listen to your body first and foremost.

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