Orange Fig Salad

Orange Fig SaladOne of our favorite restaurants has a crave-worthy salad. I’ve modified it a little to make it truly “safe” for me: cow’s milk dairy-free and cane sugar-free.


Spring lettuce or baby spinach

Dried Figs

Orange or mandarin orange


Walnut pieces

Amalthea Smoked Goat Cheve

Rehydrate the figs by soaking in orange juice for about an hour. Once hydrated, cut each into small bite size pieces.

Halve shallot and slice thin.

Peel orange and de-vein. Separate slices and cut in half.

Assemble salad by plating greens, then scattering orange, shallot, nuts and fig pieces on top. Using a fork to scrape the goat cheese, sprinkle over salad. Drizzle dressing.


Maple syrup

Olive oil


Salt & pepper

Cabin Packing List

IMG_3479For most people, a weekend at a secluded cabin with friends sounds idyllic. Relaxing. For those of us with food issues, it requires careful advance planning. Without thinking ahead, it’s a recipe (get it?) for anxiety.

Four days of breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners. All free from wheat, cow’s milk, eggs, and cane sugar. The plan was for each couple/team to make one night’s meals. Since I wasn’t sure what people were making, I brought enough to make my own meals all the nights if needed.

Here’s what I packed:


A modified version of this granola

Qia cereal

Milkademia milk



Hempler’s Honey ham

Teff wraps


Sheep yogurt

Spring rolls

Dinner-emergency back up

POW Lentil pasta

Spaghetti sauce with no added sugar

Soy Parmesan

Salad fixins’

Dinner-our night’s menu

The summer halibut recipe- super easy to prepare the components ahead of time, and looks fancy for a group :). There was enough left for awesome fish tacos at lunch the next day.


After a loooong hiatus, I’m back. Sometimes life gets in the way of fun projects, but the break has also been filled with new discoveries to share. Some of those discoveries have been as expected: new products and recipes, restaurants, and survival techniques. Others go deeper. Being able to look back at the journey and the emotional ties we have to food. Like food, some of it’s raw, overdone, or not done in moderation. Consider yourselves warned 🙂

Summer favorite – simple halibut & dessert by Jacques Pepin

Pepin’s cookbook Fast Food My Way had been collecting dust – French food?  For someone who shouldn’t eat dairy or wheat?  Best not to even torture myself with the pictures.  Now that I’ve been getting more adventurous with substitutions, I thought it would be worth taking another look.  Yes!  Our new favorite halibut recipe doesn’t even require replacement ingredients:

4 ears fresh corn on the cob or good quality frozen corn

4 halibut steaks

2 red peppers

olive oil




Cook fresh corn, let cool, then remove kernels from cob with a sharp knife.  Put corn in food processor until creamy.    Put it in a pot on the stove for reheating before serving.

Peel red peppers, add olive oil and blend in food processor until smooth.  Set aside.

Put halibut and 1qt of water in a saucepan, poach till cooked (5min ish)

While fish is cooking, heat corn.  Add butter and cook polenta to desired consistency.  Evenly divide corn on center of each dinner plate.

Place fish steak on top of corn, sprinkle with salt & pepper.  Spoon red pepper sauce on top.  Sprinkle with chives.  I also add asparagus spears on top.

For dessert, a modification of the Pepin parfait:

6 Pamela’s Lemon Shortbread (GF, DF, EF) cookies, crumbled

2 c Diced strawberries or raspberries mashed into your choice of berry jam.

1 c Wayfare dairy free sour cream

Mint garnish

Put cookie crumble into bottom of wine glass, layer 1/2 berries then scoop of sour cream, then remaining berries.  Top with spring of mint.

The Anniversary

Almost a year ago, my stomach decided to take over from my taste buds in dictating food choices.  Managing multiple food intolerances has been an odyssey. Learning to cook with new ingredients, navigating the world of eating out, and figuring out how to enjoy meals with others takes a lot of energy.  Without a strong network of friends with similar needs, each step would have been much harder.

There’s more collective wisdom out there.  Let’s share our successes with food and life!